Introducing Windbell Mix - Send Updates to Twetch Chat

Joshua Henslee

1 year ago by joshua

In my continued efforts to enable users to control their flows of information on the Internet, I have added a feature named ‘Windbell Mix’.

Users can now select multiple Windbells to stream links directly to themselves to Twetch Chat.

Upon selecting, users will be presented to confirm the selected list and name their Mix. Names should be brief, descriptive and interesting.

The price for mixing and sending Windbells to your Twetch Chat is 50 cents per Windbell. To further reward initial Windbell funders, 21.8% of that amount will be paid out real-time to their paymails. Each time one creates a new Windbell Mix, the initial funder earns.

For example, if I choose to craft a Mix of 6 Windbells, the total cost will be $3.00. For each paymail allocated to that Windbell, around 11 cents will be paid out.

Upon crafting the Mix, the Windbell Twetch account will immediately create a Chat with the name specified and start sending updates.

Your privacy is protected. The initial Windbell funders will not know the identity of the Windbell Mix creator. And remember, Twetch Chat is encrypted AF, as I explained here.

Additionally, I have added a feature to subscribe to Mixes that others have created.

For example, if someone created the ‘Alt-Right’ mix containing Donald Trump, Breaking 911 and Zerohedge and another wanted to subscribe to that same Mix, they can do so.

Subscribing to an existing Mix costs $1, and 21.8% of that will be shared real-time to the crafter of the Mix, further incentivizing curation of content that others could find valuable.

In efforts to get away from the ads, cookies prompts and hate-driven algos, this is meant to create a safe space to consume content, while rewarding those for seeking out and finding interesting and niche material.

Please let me know if you have any questions or would like more information.

Create your Windbell Mix now.