I Hope RSS Makes a Comeback

Joshua Henslee

11 months ago by joshua

Last year I went down the rabbit hole trying to understand Really Simple Syndication (RSS) and why it is a lesser used Internet technology nowadays. I posted some information, links and random quotes about it sporadically on my socials last year.

I found many interesting links of people fascinated with the tech, wanting to build on top of it and how it allows control over one’s time on the internet.

Sounds great - right?

Well Google, Facebook, Twitter and any establishment Silicon Valley tech giant you can name have taken aggressive actions to nip RSS in the bud, as it is incompatible with their ad-based, attention-driven business models.

Google supported the tech up until 2013, when they shut down their popular Google Reader product. Facebook used to support RSS before nuking it. Twitter did as well in 2012.

An effective way of monetizing RSS does not exist, so these could be viewed as purely monetary business decisions. Another is that the tech companies could not force their ads, technocracy and A.I. algos down their users throats.

Check here for context back then.

I find myself using my RSS feeds more these days as I remove myself from the dumpster fire that is social media in the 2020s. I just want to see news from sources I like, that aren’t going to randomly throw propoganda or fear porn at me.

I’ve compiled lots of links from the previous decades about why RSS was an effective tool and why some still believe in it and use it. As the Clown World shows no signs of subsiding, I hope this tech can make a comeback.

Bless Bitpost for implementing it!