Favorite Time of the Year

Joshua Henslee

23 days ago by joshua

My favorite time of the year is Fall. Especially in The South, humidity goes away and the weather is near perfect. 70 degrees and sunny, while cool in the mornings and nighttime.

Another reason this time is my favorite used to be football system, but I do not pay attention so much anymore due to the following:

  • Games are outside of my control, so no sense investing much time or feeling into it
  • Games are rigged because of all the money on the line

So now I watch for entertainment and don’t care about the outcome. I prefer college football (and have since I was a teenager) as the NFL is not nearly as exciting and also much more rigged.

The NFT has fallen for the ‘woke’ trap and likely will only get worse in the coming years. Furthermore, ESPN’s blantant bias and appetite for drama just adds fuel to the fire. I would still call myself and Atlanta Falcons fan…but could not care less if they lost all their games this season.

With all that stated, a fellow UGA graduate is visiting for the big ranked game vs. Arkansas this season, so I look forward to that. Go Dawgs I guess?