Digitally Flexing my MetaBot

Joshua Henslee

9 months ago by joshua

A couple of days ago I wrote about how I thought the generative NFTs phase may prove me wrong about the overall NFT craze.

As such, the MetaBot project fascinated me, because it is the first interesting generative NFT project I’ve seen atop of BSV. This NFT is built atop the MetaID and Sensible contract token protocols, which I had not paid much attention to before this week.

After seeing MetaBots sell out in minutes, naturally I had to investigate what else is going on, and I am pleasantly surprised by what I have found and cannot stop thinking about the applications that these teams have built.

MetaID is an ID sub-protocol of the MetaNet protocol, which Craig Wright developed back in 2018. MetaNet did not get much adoption, so it kind of fizzled out as users prefered subsequent protocols (B, AIP, MAP, etc).

This year, MetaID emerged with many apps behind it. Users only have to create 1 account, and they immediately have access to many apps that they can simply tap into (kind of like RelayX). Except this identity is on-chain and the integrations are much more seamless. Some of the apps are buggy (as still in beta) but are quite fun to use.

You can enter this portal via the site, and start using all these different apps. I will not get into all these apps but what is most appealing to me is that I can take the MetaBot I have, and set that as my on-chain avatar for my MetaID!

Regardless of which app I enter via the Show App, my MetaBot displays as my avatar. Not only do we have a Generative NFT that is already quite popular (with viral potential), it actually has utility.

Now I can digitally flex with my own assets atop the BSV ledger. Again, I think we are on the cusp here of breaking out with all kinds of innovative applications.