Commentary on My Interview with Duro Dogs

Joshua Henslee

19 days ago by joshua

I interviewed DuroDogs and the Unbounded Enterprise teams about the ‘Official Pet of the Metaverse’, built atop RUN and HandCash:

I wanted to take the opportinity to provide some commentary as I thought the answers provided were direct and detailed.

As one who also develops in the space and is quite familiar with RUN, I think I was in a key position to be able to ask certain questions of my own interest, that I also thought the community would like to know.

Thank you to the teams for answering my questions directly, as I do not think they were softball questions. I am very excited about this game as it will inevitably labeled as the ‘CryptoKitties‘ atop BSV. However, due to the ability to scale it will not run into the same brick wall that CryptoKitties did.

This fact does not necessarily mean success, as the teams need to execute in delivering a fun game that keeps players coming back. The differentiator here is ability to interact with your digital pet, not simply monitor their potential monetary value, hoping ‘Number go up’ in hopes of dumping it off to some greater fool.

Interaction obviously requires transactions on the ledger, which must be cheap and instant to work. CryptoKitties became a victim of its own success due to perfectly manifesting the fundamental flaws in Ethereum’s global state model, driving gas fees (the cost to play the game) to the moon, instead of adoption.

Duro Dogs will be like CryptoKitties in that they are uniquely and randomly generated. This feature is one of the reasons that Pokemon is so popular. From the mid-90s days of Red and Blue, even then were pocket monsters all unique - even if they had the same species, movesets and stats due to the DV (now called IV) implementation.

Because each pet is unique, users will want to try to obtain dogs with different characteristics, based on subjective preference. Users may become attached to their digital pet with certain traits, and because they can play with them, as well as earn items (which are NFTs of course) that can also be collected and traded. If this game can deliver these features, BSV will finally have an application with viral potential as not only could the game be fun, but users could earn (perhaps large) amounts of money.

The game being free to play is almost a requirement, as is likely a factor in why CryptoFights has had its success as players do not need BSV to start.

The factor that is icing on the cake however is the HandCash integration. HandCash in unequivocally the best crypto wallet from a user experience perspective. The wallet stands par to Silicon Valley backed finance apps like Cash App, Robinhood, etc.

Other applications have had barriers (sometimes self-imposed) to user adoption such as an upfront requirement to obtain BSV, clunky UX or need to use an app-specific wallet, requiring users to move BSV into a new place before starting.

Where the requirement to use a single wallet is here, HandCash integrates with many other apps (and will have many more) seamlessly.

While it is a dissapointment that Duro Dogs won’t immediately take advantage of RUN’s open nature by allowing the NFTs to be tradeable on the RelayX Exchange, or be viewable in the HandCash wallet (imagine your Duro Dog as an avatar!) I still think the recipe for success is here.

Again, I look forward to the launch and what Duro Dogs can deliver.