Shit Tests and Shoulder Chips

Isaac Morehouse

27 days ago by isaacmorehouse

There’s a monastary that turns away everyone who tries to join. They firmly tell all comers that they aren’t right for the monastic life and won’t be accepted under any circumstances.

Then they accept those who don’t go away.

When people tell you to quit, or tell you they’ll like you only if you change, they’re giving you a shit test. They may not realize that’s what they’re doing, but it operates the same.

When a guy pretends to like all the same stuff as the girl he’s pursuing, he’s failing the shit test. The guy who doesn’t give a fuck passes.

Tim Grover, who trained athletes like Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant, said he’ll never take a client who was 6’7” or taller in high school. Those born with basketball bodies played because they had a natural advantage. They won because their body gifted them superior size. They didn’t have to scrap and claw and fight to overcome a smaller body to be great. They aren’t bitter for being born smaller than they wish. They don’t have a big enough chip on their shoulder.

WTF do shit tests and shoulder chips have to do with anything?

Depends. Do you want to play or do you wan to win?

If you want to win, you’ve gotta take the shit and get back up. You’ve gotta ignore the carrot dangling out there saying, “Bend a little and I’m yours”. If you want to build something that people care about, you’ve got to not give a shit what people care about. The only way to make something real is to be real with who you are. Adjusting to what gets quick rewards will flip you into respond/react mode. Nobody built anything cool trying to please the peanut gallery.

If you want to win, you’ve gotta get angry. You need a chip on your shoulder. You need to be an underdog. If your story doesn’t have you playing David vs Goliaths all around, re-write your story. You’re the disrespected, disregarded, ignored, cast-off, laughed at wannabe. Yep. That’s you. Let that shit make you mad. It’s you against the world. No one’s coming to save you.

While they talk about what they pretend to want, you’re in the gym becoming who you want.

So here’s a parting gift.

You should quit. Stop striving. Nobody cares about what you’re working on. It’s dumb. You’re a poser. Take the obvious route to the easy rewards. Stop trying to be different. You’re spinning your wheels. Who is this moron telling you to pass shit tests and play with a chip on your shoulder? Some nobody writing an article? He’s never been through anything. He’s pretending to be tough.

What are you gonna do?