Calling Writers: Let's Get Bitpost Kicking

Isaac Morehouse

8 months ago by isaacmorehouse

I love writing. And reading text is my preferred way to consume ideas.

Bitcoin was built to do amazing things, and decentralized data and micropayments have so many cool applications when it comes to creating and consuming writing.

I’ll never forget the fun of, the now-defunct publishing site that allowed tips, paywalls, and paid comments. The posts were not onchain, but the addition of micropayments opened up all kinds of new things for writers and readers.

I published probably a few hundred articles there. I loved it.

It was at its best, in my opionion, when it began and you had to pay 25 cents to publish. This prevented nearly all spam, fake posts, begging for money, and gutter-quality content. The noble goal of onboarding newbies who don’t have BSV led Yours to allow posting for free, thinking that creators could earn their first BSV (or BCH in the early days), instead of needing to spend first.

I don’t remember any notable examples of non-BSV/BCH people moving their writing to Yours due to the removal of this barrier. I do remember many, many examples of low quality posts and money begging spamming the site after pay to post was killed.

Add in the timing of the divorce between BCH and BSV communities, and Yours lost easily over half their market. And I’d argue at the time, not only was the BCH half bigger, but the BSV half had a higher percentage of weirdos and cultists (even as it also had a higher percentage of legit builders and thinkers).

Finally, add in the fact that the creators of Yours realized that the payment mechanism they built for the site was actually a bigger deal for the ecosystem than the publishing platform itself. They spun out MoneyButton and put all their focus on building that, letting Yours languish.

It got pretty low qaulity. Then it died.

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about why it did. Was it inevitable? Does the rise and subsequent (in my opinion) leveling off and slight decline of the BCH version,, prove this is just a bad product, bad market, or both?

Do people just want to publish on Medium, or WordPress, or Substack, or Twiiter or Twetch or videos or podcasts? Is the already small market of BSV users too small to have enough writers who want a new publishing platform?

I’m not totally sure. But I have a hunch a few small changes, a little bit tighter product focus, a little better timing, and some consistent energy could unlock a ground-breaking publishing platform on BSV.

I think first and foremost, it has to be the best platform for people already in BSV. It has to serve the writers first. Provide a superior way for them to compose, publish, and monetize their content. And eventually, a superior way to build, manage, and monetize an audience they own, rather than the platform.

Greater ability to create publications with their own branding, import and export audiences, offer free and paid, subscription options, etc. can unlock some cool stuff.

Bitpost already has some crazy cool features no one else has. Onchain, hashed on chain, or off chain. Encrypted or unencrypted. Paid or free, or partially paywalled. There’s a lot to work with.

And BSV as a market has grown in size and sophistication since the days. There are more creators with more to say, more consumers, more builders, more platforms for sharing content and building audiences. In many ways, it’s the perfect initial market to get an MVP rolling.

I think there’s something here. I’m gonna start by publishing here on a regular basis, to re-immerse myself in written content creation on bitcoin and see what works and doesn’t.

Plus, have you checked Medium lately? Have you tried to spin up your own blog? What a shit-show. We can do better.

Behind the paywall you’ll find my email address. If you’re a writer, tell me what would make Bitpost a no-brainer platform for you.