Announcing the Bitpost 30 Day Blog Challenge!

Isaac Morehouse

8 months ago by isaacmorehouse

Updates: 61 people are in. The prize pool is at 4.33 BSV. Add to it at

I’ll cut to the chase.

If you take the challenge and publish a blog post every day in the month of September, you will be awarded a rare NFT and a share of the BSV prize pool.

Details are at the end of this article, but first, I want to tell you a little more about why we’re doing this and the non-material benefits of participating.

Why blog for 30 days?

A daily blogging challenge changed my life.

I was feeling flat and listless in my career. TK Coleman told me to blog every day for 6 months. I didn’t see what this had to do with finding out my next career move, but I needed a challenge and he had done it for a full year so I had to say yes.

Six months later I had published my first book and began working on launching my first company.

I’m not exaggerating when I say daily blogging was the cause. I have been daily blogging for most of the nine years since, with a few breaks to try other things. But I always come back to daily blogging. It’s just so damn valuable to me. It turns me into a creative machine.

Over the years, I’ve challenged hundreds of people to take a daily blog challenge. Most don’t. But those that do always - ALWAYS - tell me it was so worth it and changed their life for the better.

Anyone can do it

There’s no barrier to entry. There are no excuses. It’s such a small thing, which is why it can be scary.

I met a fitness coach who worked with top executives. He’d tell them step one was to run ten yards a day. That’s it. They would laugh and ask what good that would do. He’d say, “If I told you to run two miles a day could you guarantee me you’d do it seven days a week no matter what, even when traveling, sick, or on vacation?” No. That’s why, he told them. Start with something small enough that you can do it even in a hotel room. Then there’s no excuse.

If you commit to publishing a book in the next few years, your friends would be impressed. You’d get some psychic rewards. And if you fail to do it, no one would blame you, because after all, it’s a tough goal! You’d be off the hook. Big giant goals are like that. Too easy to fail, and too easy to get away with failing.

Posting at least one sentence every day? No excuses. You can do it from your phone while on the toilet if need be (trust me, sometimes needs be).

I’m telling you, if you stop overthinking it and wondering what you’re going to write about or whether it will be good or embarrassing and just jump in and do it, you will benefit in ways you can’t predict.

Here are just a few of the benefits of this challenge:

Benefits to you

  • Creating begets creativity, not the other way around. You’ll start to have more ideas.
  • Accomplishment begets confidence. You’ll feel good about yourself.
  • Producing begets productivity. Publish each day and you’ll be in get shit done mode.
  • You’ll have some duds, but a few gems will emerge from your 30 posts.
  • Being forced to write daily will draw out insights you didn’t know you had.
  • You’ll become a better writer.
  • You’ll become a better thinker.
  • You’ll become a better reader.
  • You’ll be less of a cynic and a critic because you’ll be a creator.
  • Here are the main things I’ve learned from daily blogging.
  • Here are ten more things you’ll gain.

Benefits to the world

  • More long-form content means fewer click-bait fads.
  • Searchable, timeless stuff that won’t vanish like emails or social posts.
  • More active independent writers = more and better ideas.
  • More productive, optimistic people in the world.
  • More criticising by creating.



  • You must publish an article to Bitpost every day for the month of September.
  • No length requirement. Just write something real.
  • No grading. Just have some self-respect.
  • Original content: no copy/paste of existing material (yours or others).

I know about falling off the wagon. If you miss a day, it’s easy to just quit. Don’t! It’s best to get back up and keep going.

To encourage that, if you miss a day, you can pick back up and still get a secondary prize. Even if you miss two days but hit 28/30 there’s a prize, so don’t quit!


  • King of the World: 30 days straight - Rare NFT + share of BSV prize pool divided equally between all who complete 30 days
  • Mulligan Magus: 29/30 days - Rare NFT
  • Minus Two Titan: 28/30 days - Rare NFT

Anyone can donate to the prize pool by sending BSV to All funds in that wallet are solely for this challenge and will be distributed to winners at the end.

Bitpost has kicked off the prize pool with 1 BSV to start. Help us juice it up!

Donating to the prize pool is not a requirement to participate, but it is a GREAT way to commit to the challenge. Get a little skin in the game. If you want to get that BSV back (and then some), you gotta show up every day and hit publish!

How to enter

  1. Publicly say you’re in by commenting on on this tweet thread:
  2. Post to Bitpost every day Sept. 1-30.
  3. (optional) donate to the pot to help incentivize yourself and others!
  4. (optional) join the group challenge on the Hona app!

We strongly encourage you to join the Hona group. It’s a great way to celebrate wins, share challenges, meet others participating, and keep the momentum going. We will also issue a rare Hona+Bitpost NFT to participants who both complete at least 28/30 days AND join the Hona group.

So who’s in?