Tip Series for Fresh Fish - Tip #1

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3 months ago by ins1d30ut

This is the first tip to people who are interested in learning how to earn Bitcoin more efficiently.

This Tip Series is meant to be something of a ‘beginner’s guide’, but these tips might be valuable to a variety of people.

If you have not read the intro post about this series, the link is HERE and it’s completely free to view.

I cannot guarantee that any of these tips will do anything for anyone. I have spent A LOT of time sharing my experiences and tips for how to look at certain things, interpret certain things, and produce value and earn from it. I have watched these people do pretty damn well with the tid bits I’ve told them. This series is being created to increase my overall efficiency by not repeating myself over and over to different people and saying the same things. There’s a freebie tip right there. The rest will be paywalled though, and the price will be based on how valuable of a tip I believe the tip might be so it’s subjective. I am open to feedback any time! That’s how I have learned to earn…listening to people who have something valuable to offer.

Let’s get to it -