Ins1d30ut's Tip Series for Fresh Fish

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21 days ago by ins1d30ut

Hello All!
I have spent a very large portion of the last 2.5 years trying things in Bitcoin and seeing what sticks. I do not have a incredibly influential profile on any social media platform, but what I do have is experience trying anything and everything I could think of to leverage certain things to my advantage and learn to earn Bitcoin. I hope that these gems help some of you out, and maybe even some people who have been around longer than I have can even appreciate or learn something from my ‘Tip Series’.

I will be releasing some tips here on BitPost that will be paywalled and meant to be a guide for people who are starting to learn about BSV and trying to figure out strategies for earning. I will include 2 tips per post (on average) and the 1 of the 2 tips will be the same for every single post so that anyone can pick a random tip that will be worth something, while ensuring that Tip #1 will be available in all of the tips I post. This is like the first rule about fight club…but, it will be the first tip about my tips.