walled garden ethics for the few, android appstore for the many [day6]

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21 days ago by humble

i wanted to have a rant today about how subsiding phones, especially android has opened up a whole raft of cheats and hackers but really it’s rife across the whole internet. in fact i’d go as far to say that now it’s used as a propaganda tool to hijack attention.

but i guess that’s the the point right, it’s destroying the notion of competitive gaming across networks and only true local lan play can really determine the cracked players from the cheats (although a few people have been caught hacking at gaming venues in the past) i’m not sure the current wave of blockchain projects could help against it.

it’s basically AI fighting AI in many regards, maybe some kinda quantum version of a titan key and a different, secure way of operating the game in an environment that actively stops attack vectors and injection but even then, the allure to break it and be the people/team that did still exists out there.

i guess it opens up the argument against silo and non-silo, open publishing platform like on android and then the walled garden of the apple app store. Each has benefits in their own way but android specifically is more open to abuse than having a walled garden but then there is an argument for stifling innovation and abusing trust when it’s relatively easy to publish fake .apk files and push apps to the google store easily.

i wonder if we will ever see quantum enabled mobile satellite devices, each with some kind of immutable consensus layer, a more advanced kyc for you as a human being, i guess that relies on every action you do to be relatively tracked thou, it’s a battle between your own privacy online, who you are and your actions, i guess those can change too right.

it’s a very fine line between accessibility > ethics > cheating systems — it’s crazy the amount of hoops you have to jump in this world to get to things that you often need. some middleman in the middle you have to service or go through, much harder to go straight to supplier. things are changing however with defi, being able to manage your finances in the cloud is a good start, being able to stake into systems you use, so you effectively become a shareholder.

subsidising the next addiction pays for the r&d of the next thing thou right, that’s pretty much how basic we are as human beings. give us options and choice, make it cheaper than the last thing, people move to the new things, quality is bad, they switch again, the constant pursuit of audience and attention from hype and speculation — at some point, the sources run out.

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