turbo tuesday, the cheapest gas should win right? [day7]

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like, really, especially now with nft and gaming, the blockchain with the cheapest gas should win the attention game. I’m not saying that EVERYONE will go there because we are talking about a niche sector of the world economy but gaming, e-sports and nft collecting, are getting big, especially from a blockchain perspective.

it’s gonna be huge and a lot of money will be traded back and forth — the chain that has the lowest gas fees, reliability, uptime, global nodes, can adapt and keep scaling will win right?

just check out the https://solana.com/validators (they have a 1000 nodes now) with super fast hardware, it’s growing and it’s growing fast now — check out their server node explorer too — https://solanabeach.io — so dayum sexy! — 2500 tps too!

flipping the script around a little bit (mainly because i’m back at the laptop) i literally arrived back outside a regular haunt of mine and dayles this morning when she was over here, it was 8:59am exactly, walking in at 9 on the dot, i headed straight for the toilet then wandered upstairs only to realise quickly that the cafe area and seating were gone.

for the first time properly since the pandemic restrictions lifted i had that moment of realisation that maybe not everything i knew in my own life bubble had survived lockdown.

i mean of course we have the tragedy of people losing lives (a tragedy) but also the nail in the coffin of the high street and businesses that were inside of other businesses — two years since it was there, seems like a blip in time that only we got to experience together, almost like a simulation or projection.

the main mission was to change things up and find somewhere that had air conditioning because the heats are gonna be wild today and being in the countryside means that you can’t really hide from the heat, it’s better than the concrete jungle of the city but you need a bit of air to be moving around ideally — i found somewhere with fans spinning regardless.

seven days into the thirty days and i’ve not really even started yet to work on my NFT, the weather has been too rough (heat) to really concentrate plus you might as well enjoy it right because it’s gonna be fall and then winter really quickly, i mean, heck we are already a week into september, the months keep falling like flies at the minute.

i can still write a bunch of the copy and sort out the graphic/gif however for it, i’d like to get a landing page done specially for it too, something that i can duplicate for other “drops” in the future, while i don’t need to build a dedicated discord or community space around it as such, linking it up to the yen space (metaverse) seems like a better move as i should be able to integrate html widgets later on.

even thou i have to pay to blog on bitpost, i do really love the feedback loop from handcash to the website, the lovely ping and the green tick mark that appears and the website reloading at the same time to show my post live and published to an immutable blockchain — it’s really kinda sweet, a few cents to publish my words onto the web, feels like a nice circle economy.

what’s even nicer is that if i take part in the genuine retweets service, i earn a little $0.15 here and there and then over time that balance in my handcash (current account as such) starts to stack up, then i can buy an nft here and there on relayx to hodl for a few years, even purchase a physical credit card to store bsv on, pretty rad.

i don’t think crypto twitter and the blockchain gurus from the last few years realise that gaming, e-sports will be the killer app for the ledger world — having low cost, fast turnaround blockchain payment platforms will just slot in so easily, so native.

purchasing in game loot and digital tokens, using crypto or fiat is certainly the way, being able to put a wager on the next game, the next level even, the outcome of a 1v1 while playing in a team of five even, while your watching, how cool will that be. It’s certainly coming soon.

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