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day fourteen baby

if you’ve not been following along with social media, especially with the content that spacex is putting out (especially the live launches) you would have missed out on a really “media” forward thinking company.

The level of effort, detail and design of their live shows is really outstanding, maybe a by product of the pandemic, maybe from just the design of the interfaces of tesla cars or dragon capsule screens, they certain have a design ethic that is in everything they build.

they are setting up perfectly for when the average daily consumer wants to take their trip of a life time, by then, they will have stepped through and iterated on these design styles and will have perfected the onboarding experience from car to rocket ship, from passport control to you sitting in your seat.

BFR (big fucking rocket) now called Starship has been previously advertised as a “fly to a variety of locations world wide” in under an hour, the ramifications and knock on effect of that is incredible, imagine being somewhere for breakfast, lunch and tea all in different locations of the world — not sure how good that is for the environment or your body but you can imagine some influencer doing it for the ‘gram.

i don’t remember a time when a weekly all-access docuseries like this especially on netflix dropped in this manner — meeting the civilians, preparing, live launch and then alongside them in space. I’m sure a bunch of this will be pre-recorded content of course but it’s an interest release cycle, bonding weekly content with social media and the power of netflix behind them, kinda a marriage made in heaven.

I wonder when we will see NFT releases alongside these things (for say each launch) that you can collect, i expect at some point, once gas fees are a thing of the past or are so small that everyone can get one, we will really see those digital collections of memories really take off.

tuesday are forever known as turbo tuesdays, time to ramp up what you kicked off on monday, i had a relatively productive day yesterday, felt good, swapping aches and pains with actual good vibes, tunes and progress. i did a lot of file management yesterday, was awesome.

today, i’l like to start mocking up some animations for my digital downloads, i’ve not decided on the style and format yet but i know i want the catalog to be SEO heavy and with maybe over two hundred and fifty odd items (250) mainly from a perspective of traffic pushing — i’ll most certainly make a tiktok campaign around it and make a bunch of creatives for promotion on a budget!

on my nft progress i’ve yet to decide on the nft gif style but it’s most certainly going to have animation and a qr code leading back to a landing page with all the details — i think i’m going to limit the purchasing to twenty five people. that’s the max amount to start with i think i could handle in some kind of webinars.

also today, some videos for youtube/dtube ideally, it’s been an age since i’ve sat in front of the camera, i think it’s because of summer time it’s the last thing you want to do is to sit in front of bright lights and talk about updates, tbh, i’ve been enjoying the summer downtime, been a while since i’ve been able to do it properly.

still very much focused on my staking plans, while i put the chia setup on hold mainly because of hardware sourcing i’d also like to have some decentralized dashboard for all these things, to track miners, uptime, rewards etc in a nice and organised way. i’m sure those things exist, i’m gonna take a look at the NiceHash OS and see what that has in terms of analytics.

oh finally, bitstocks gravity is launching their iOS app in the coming weeks, if you are in the uk then you should really check it them out, super clean backend interface and now they have an app coming out — solid company, solid team and their content on youtube is first class, if your looking for a legit company to purchase BSV or store your BTC, these are the guys.

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