the perfect words i heard this morning

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14 days ago by humble

i can’t share them, but they were good ones.

the ones that make you turn off the alarm and normally go back to sleep for another hour or so, you know just to get that extra rest.

but that never happened this morning, after a few texts back and forth i slid and bounced my way outta bed, upright, got the hot water on for coffee and poured myself a big ass bowl of alpen (muesli) did the usual sniff to make sure the milk had not gone off and went straight at it.

poked my head out of the front door to check that the world/simulation was still running and noticed it was damp and wet and a little bit overcast. instantly i retreated back into the warmth in my pyjamas and slippers, fired up the laptop and got the coffee going.

so here we are, a fresh new start of a week, nearly half way through another month, they are starting to stack these months aint they, we will have gotten 2021 outta the way and we can start to move into 2022 — in my mind a good waypoint for everything that’s happened with the pandemic and our global recovery, we have a way to go.

still waiting for a few countries to open back up again and get off that red list so we can go and take a holiday together but for now it’s just head down and keep building those digital assets to keep on providing that residual income and my sanity in general — i think that’s what i do most of this for, to keep me on an even keel*

If you say that someone or something is on an even keel, you mean that they are working or progressing smoothly and steadily, without any sudden changes

i’ve always been a medium, in the middle kinda dude in my 40’s i have to say. where as i was full of piss and vinegar in my 20’s and would throw myself at everything going just to experience it now i’m more levelled headed, choosing my food, friends and culture carefully, what resonates on all levels instead of just the instant gratification route.

Although, that’s not the case with noodles. With those i’m impulsive AF, if you ever want me to make a decision about food and a big bowl of noodles are on offer i’m there. Sign me up, check me in, little bit of side order korean BBQ and i’m yours for the afternoon.

it’s so weird feeling my upper body have strength and muscle definition in what seems like the longest time. I guess it’s all the moving of boxes around later, regularly, it’s certainly have an impact, where as i was grumbling and moaning about it a bit it’s actually been refreshing to start feeling the benefits — i find that a lot, takes a time for it to bed in, pain then gain.

this increased upper body mobility is therefore sending me good vibes all over, i certainly love fall and can’t wait to get back out there walking again, it’s been a while since i’ve really digged deep on the steps. that’s my next goal, get mind and body in sync again, so we can crush some outcomes that are outstanding.

i kinda went a little easier on myself on the last month, instead of deadlines and self created anxiety of not getting something done on time, i just backed off from it, allowed it to breathe, doubled down into the exercise, kept myself mentally switched on and focused for clients and there needs on the daily, it’s paid off, i’m feeling more more level headed.

protecting that inner citadel (kinda fitting for today’s stoic reading)

my notepad pages that i wrote out a month ago has not changed a bit, i’ve not touched it, heck it’s the first time today in ages i’ve opened it. i’ve still got all those things to do. All achiveable in time, taking the pressure off, no need for pressure, it only makes things more intense and unrealistic anyway and leaves that bad feeling of a bad job.

managed to post thirteen days in a row now, feeling pretty jazzed about it. i’ll continue to research meta id this week, some interesting stuff happening there. also, let’s hope i can launch my relayx NFT this week.

woot for mondays!

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