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day eleven, yep, back to back, we doing this people.

i had this odd dream the other night that the bitpost challenge pot was the same amount as the amount of writers taking part, yeah so if we had fifty people we had a 50 BSV pot, thing was nobody knew this and the the percentage that did thirty days ended up getting 1 BSV each, people were so pumped that they told everyone about it on social media.

of course that’s not the reality but imagine if it was next year, that some of the BSV businesses actually started to build influencer style relationships with content creators to keep the content coming and the TX records flowing.

of course you will get some drive-by and spammers wanting to take part to drain the pool but with some of the hand picked selections like genuine retweets has done, maybe that’s a process that can be applied everywhere — it would be good to humanise and put faces to names, avatars to accounts.

different location that i expected to be at this morning, thought i was gonna be doing a certain plan this morning but it all changed quick. all good, worked out in my favour actually, just a simple run out and i’m done for the day, nice flat white coffee and i’ll be in the groove again, i’ll write now so i don’t have to do it after — the internet is really good here as well.

actually this place even has free showers, it’s pretty bad ass. i forgot my towel thou, maybe i need to bring a bunch of towels and shower stuff and keep it here.

for the first time in week i’m actually mentally prepared to put together this pack finally, maybe at the end of the day i’ll attach some links and progress. i get into these ruts where i wanna have everything done in one day and when they don’t work out then things drag, i need to get out of that mental state and have things left ready to be picked up instead.

wonder if we see this ADA (cardano) pump this weekend because of the smart contracts or not, i saw a bunch of messages about how that it could’nt handle them at scale but i didn’t investigate that much, maybe they were testing it and it was just FUD i had seen, you have to do a lot of cross referencing these days — i personally don’t think it should be just one blockchain that wins, it should be about integrating the utility component of each chain to your benefit.

the way i see it is that we will just have a market place of smart contracts, existing on different chains, think iffft but for blockchains, a bunch of smart contracts you can copy and have audited for a fee after you have customised it a little to your needs and then the ability to do certain functions when certain criteria are met.

we don’t really need to be full time cheer leaders of the brand names of the chains if they have customers locked in for a period of time, we just factor that into the operating costs of setting up these contracts.

i can feel the overwhelming sense of ebooks i’ve got to consume nagging at me too, all backed up, copied across, ready to be stepped through, i just needed to get my body rested in the last month, it felt like it needed it, maybe it was just the change of pace since the pandemic in which i know it needed to go much slower than it is today. rest is good thou, makes the harder times easier to deal with, my stoic book told me so! :)

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