ramping up for the weekend, planning my nft(s) [day4]

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23 days ago by humble

ever since relayx started the ability to mint nft i’ve been wanting to make one. i’ve been taking my god damn time to make one because i couldn’t decide on what the freaking image/gif should be for it, lol, also, i wanted to write a good description, easy instructions and work with a small group of influencers (people who want to talk about bsv) using video and my pack.

i’ve decided to mint only 25 of them and set the price accordingly, i also have a backup link to a centralised platform for people wanting to go the usual route (maybe they don’t have BSV or a handcash account for instance) — i think this is why shopify sites do so well is just the array of payment providers you can bolt in, pretty much covers everyone.

i’m really enjoying cryptos again now i’ve changed my perspective to them, a few months back i just decided to go the way of staking, earn on them sure, don’t get too involved with the communities and just utilise the utility of them — does it allow me to do something instant, faster, immutable.

I still very much like some centralised platforms just because of the fact that it’s an easy win, i’ve not had to “move” anything and i’ve got used to the way they do things. I guess that’s the advantage of the first mover of any platform type, you get bedded in, time and your legacy there matters so it’s harder to leave.

it’s like the old people that go to their favourite place at the weekends and have absolutely the same thing every time, there is a comfort in the expected for many. repetition and boring for sure but it’s easy to cater for the usuals, the regulars, the middle of the road ones that will pay more just to keep the bubble of illusion alive.

i’m spending my weekend working on my nft thing and also some digital downloads on etsy, i’ve been wanting to setup another income stream that can go on “freeplay” for some time. i’ve probably got about four residual income streams but i really need to jack that number up to about ten, i’ve not really even started on the affiliate marketing side — some youtube stuff but not as much as i would like.

i wonder who’s the first blockchain that’s gonna be able to do decentralized video like tiktok, it’s a massive industry for those little video microblogs and while tiktok has first mover advantage i think someone that came along, like a filecoin or a sia would do really well. you could literally build up a really solid video influencer network really quickly.

i realise this post today is a bit of a tangent one, jumping around all ADHD like but it’s been a bit of a manic week all over i think, dropping into another month, life logistics, doing the usual balance act between summer time, school holidays and everything else in-between, it’s been a nuts week. be glad to reel back reality this afternoon and evening.

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