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we up in this day ten life.

gotta admit, thought i was gonna drop the ball from writing today because my whole routine was messed up that i didn’t have anywhere to write and get my usual coffee. it really derailed my thought processes and i ended up having a power nap instead (1hr 30) which apart from the low grade background headache was actually kinda nice.

i did managed to read my stoic book this morning, felt like the knowledge it was sharing today has been my whole pandemic experience to be honest. i kinda thought it would have kind upgraded or moved forward by now but at least i’m back out there, got transportation and have access to things instead of that nagging morning feeling i used to have knowing i’d have to have gram flour and spinach pancakes again.

i literally survived most of the middle of the pandemic on them, when that’s all you can source and get ya hands on, when the white noise of life vanishes, when it’s impossible to get supplies, you go back to your always in stock, tried and tested — i was literally living off rice, lentils, flat breads and those chickpea pancakes!

body certainly feels like it’s going through a lot of changes right now, some feel good, some painful (for a short while) breathing weirdly is better than ever, maybe it’s a different kind of exercise that i’m getting, maybe lifting and repetition is paying off — kinda the move if you are doing the reps but not noticing you are, you just wake up one day and feel. .. well stronger.

over the last month i’ve been having some really lucid dreams, they have been quite interesting and seem difficult than most to shake in the mornings — of course by the time i’ve consumed my flat white my brain is hitting second gear and i’m flooring it mentally.

fridays as a kid were much different. i remember that my mum and dad both had a routine before going into the weekend, my dad’s go too was to take me (if i wanted to go) to get fish and chips and a movie from the video store — he’d go into the chippy and get all the things while i’d go into the video shop and try and find some sci-fi that i’d not seen, they always had a three for two kinda deal.

if however i went with my mother to get supplies (because my dad was still at work) it would be very regimented and exact. i’d get the same thing, same treat within a spectrum of maybe the same three items, nothing outside of it. Maybe penny pinching or just not having enough resources in general or just because she knew i’d be quiet and happy for a number of hours as i destroyed my teeth in some goody bag full of my favs.

fry-days as they are known in many places across the uk are still very much a haunt to the local chip shop for the combo of chips, something and a sauce — if ya feel frisky and hungry then you might go the fish, chips and peas (beans or gravy) route, it’s almost like a religion in it’s own right here, if your an outsider, you’ll get into it real easy, it’s a perfect food after work, certainly not the most healthy.

not looked into cryptos that much today, i think my SOL dropped a bit but that’s ok, i held the line with the DAI for now, realising that at some point i’ve just gotta get to the point where i’m invested and staked with say my top ten hopes and then kinda back off it for a while, stick em on a hardware wallet key and look in a year or so — daily is so time consuming.

maybe this weekend when i finally get the focus enough to get that nft done with the media assets all sorted, i’ve had a lot of the bits required for a while i just haven’t put them all together yet, i’ll get there thou, once i get that mentally framed away i think i’ll find a groove — at least i’m hoping so.

ever since i’ve been looking into staking and compounding time/value in general it’s made me realise how much of my analog life i let run through my fingers. i guess we all do, we can’t be on it all the time. i think it’s just a natural thing that i do of treading water until certain calendar show up, i’ve gotta develop new ways of looking at a week by week and the months.

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