nine hours of inbound thunderstorms [day9]

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not sure what the weather is like where you are but we are about to get hit with about nine hours of thunder storms today after two days of really quite hot weather for the uk, like 85f in september, ok planet earth, you go off — that’s climate change for you thou right?

how you doing today, feeling alright, in your own head, getting things done, hitting the pavement, getting the steps and walks in — regardless, get that exercise in! that’s what my plan for the day is during all these potential storms, running about from a to b today — should be a relatively easy day thou.

day nine came around pretty quickly if you ask me as part of this challenge. although we’ve not had a profound writing experience yet. you know the ones where everything is flowing and your just in the zone i’m still pretty happy that i’ve managed to turn up everyday, i think having that block of time in the morning helps massively.

you have to carve out that time right, make sure that everything stops swirling around you and just firmly plant ya backside in a seat (or standing if that’s your thing) and laser focus on this crafted part of time. It’s your time, unload all your thought and wishes, plans and achievements and upcoming successes — you have to have something to aim for in life otherwise everyday just seems like the same day.

I had a really nice afternoon with my daughter yesterday, talking, smiling, joking and having a quick lunch together, it was nice, especially as she’s gone back to schooling. She always get’s a little nervous going into another year and the lessons she will have to learn but she steps up to the plate pretty freaking awesome — level headed and determined that one.

I’m proud of her for what she’s managed to adapt to in the last few years, imagine growing up in your teens with a pandemic and being basically locked down away from your friends for the first time in your life, it’s like being forced to move to another country away from everything you know and love.

Knowing that my partner is keeping herself busy also on the other side of the pond fills me with joy too, that she’s got doggos around her and get’s to see her family members. I’m glad she’s up and around active with a great all girls support group to be able to turn too — it’s been amazing to see her grow as a person in the last year.

Been watching with great interest one of the old video bloggers squad launch a really successful collection of NFT’s too, i think they have like 500 nfts as part of the collection, collected by 300+ people and over 100 ETH traded (that’s like $250k, so wild!) they did a lot of interesting steps which make projects like that pop — unique idea, nice website, active discord and all sold our in the pre-sale.

kinda lost interest in “decentralised” at the moment, especially when it comes to video. Seems to be more power plays and drama. i just feel like i want to get involved with platforms with a fair consensus, proper team work and not just feeling like when the price is right that a bunch of people will just dump and run. It’s so difficult when it’s a decentralised group trying to improve a central idea, the product itself.

i am interested in doing NFTs still however, especially to launch them on relayx, gonna be creating an influencer thing that i’m hoping other people will like and get behind — if for nothing else i can use it and learn a few things in the process, especially when it comes to handling decentralised sales.

elsewhere, even thou the price is in the toilet, i’m really hoping that the also comes good, being able to integrate and doing crypto billing in the near future for clients will be useful — i’m not sure how fast to bat some of the main platforms like PayPal or Stripe will adopt and provide tools like that.

metaverses are really taking off at the moment it seems, the way they integrate with AR/VR is kinda neat, imagine something like star citizen for instance with it’s massively multiplayer galaxy with all of it’s base locations. being able to rock up in your ship and log into a terminal and leave messages, kinda cool.. ..

. .. add a bit of blockchain spice to that, some kind of rapid payments system and then your virtual in game trading starts to have potential impact out in the real world. Imagine being a regular cargo ship transporter, trading your wares with other stations and companies, investing in virtual stocks transposed into the real world.

that’s the stuff that get’s me really excited about this new digital world, removing the middlemen, making things cheaper and accessible to everyone. when you involve everyone and their talents, you have an “all ships rise” economy — you only have to look at NFTs to see how artists have now evolved into these marketplaces.

just straight up generational wealth and opportunities for those that wanna put the work in and can rapidly learn the new skills to micro manage operating in these new exciting markets and mediums.

right, time for me to jump into the day!

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