meerkat wednesday, market drops and normalcy [day8]

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and just like that, the six week holidays are at an end. they went fast, just to remind us, it’s decided to grace us with another incredibly hot day at the end of the first week of september, kinda weird but hey i’m here for it, just top up on the water supply and cruise through the day.

on days like this i have to go looking for AC otherwise everything runs at a much slower pace, i remember the summer days like this where my iMac would grind to a halt because of being gunged up with dust and some serious cpu thottling because of heat — damn work horse thou, i used to wake up early just to use my computer and to be able to encode the video.

looks like it’s gonna be a day i can dedicate to all my own personal hobby projects, well apart from a small amount of logistics that i have to do early afternoon, but that should be relatively straight forward and actually something to look forward too.

hard to meerkat about the last few days because they were a bit of a blur what with the heat, i’m pretty proud of myself however from taking my profits from SOL and flipping it into a stable coin before the drop, not sure i’ll get back in again before the 16th — i kinda like “halfway” points, not at the bottom, not at the top, somewhere in the middle.

i guess that’s why i bought - nothing wrong with being middle of the road about your expectations of what your life should bring. i sold that a while back, got my personal blog nuked alongside it, it was worth it, world changing at the time — super thankful of that experience.

so the market dropped yesterday, manipulation? absolutely! let’s look at some major events that were happening yesterday, erm, el salvador bought a bunch of bitcoins (300+ i think) and pretty much same day the price dropped like a rock taking a bunch of other cryptos with it, you know what it’s like, poor old og btc on life support like an ageing uncle.

I’m guessing when you adopt bitcoin as a legal tender and you don’t go through the so called “right channels” you ruffle the feathers of those who have the ways and means to do mass sell offs. by who, when, what, corrections come all the time, this stuff is like TNT it’s volatile under most conditions!

Overall cryptocurrency market value fell about $300 billion in the past 24 hours, according to tracker — CoinGecko (a relative blip in this space, also gecko was down for a small time with people trying to refresh the damn site!)

my rule of thumb is quite basic, if the volume of tether is high AF from the 24hr, then people are putting back their positions into stable coins waiting for the market to turn — of course, this is my uber basic, ill informed view, i just got lucky yesterday flipping my gains into DAI.

as of today, it’s back to a level of normalcy, the normies go about their business again, some going back into the office now that their kids are back at work, traffic builds up like before, knowing to leave an extra thirty minutes before, you know the “worklife, workflow” routine.

i’d like to get a bit done on the pack today for the nft, my big stumbling block i think after layout and asset management is how i package it and write documentation to make it relatively easy for people to use and install once they have bought it — it’s not easy to package it all together for cross platform because of the absolute file paths, different on different platforms.

my stoic book has been very humbling in the last week or so as well, making me keep on top of the ego check and make me realise that i should feel blessed that i have what i have, not to sweat it when i don’t either. I’m thankful for the energy average-in of the stoic teachings.

so far i’ve been finding the daily writing challenge quite easy, mainly because i make sure on purpose that i make time to write first thing anyway, even if it’s to plan out my day or week ahead, it’s when it becomes a chore or a panic to do that things get frayed and annoying — i use the routine or ritual as a neutral zone for the day ahead.

I don’t think i could write at the end of a day anyway, you’d just get this zombie mush of a brain recounting events throughout the day — i’ve not found that sweet sauce of documenting as i go the achievements of the day, they kinda come back to me randomly over the week.

writing is certainly morning fodder for me thou, that early burst of mental energy and focus, aligned with a need to get the body moving after being in an effective cryostatus over night, the meat sack recharging to see what the virtual bot clone managed to achieve in our downtime.

september is all a bit of a none event month for me anyway, it’s just that transition energy into the end of the year months that i actually prefer, i really like the november, december and january tri-fector even if they are dark nights and wintery weather, it’s the time i feel most alive in my own skin, whilst summer temps have their dangers. ..

. .in winter for me, it’s the getting wrapped up in your everyday carry of warm clothing, i must be sadistic because i kinda love it. nothing like throwing yourself out of the door in the morning out into the the world, crisp fresh cold air on you face, a little fog cloud when you breathe.

anyway, time to flex into wed!

humble x

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