everyday is friday, the floor is lava [day3]

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20 days ago by humble

like for real, go to bed, it’s friday, work really hard middle of the week, it’s friday again, thursday becomes a blur, weekends vanish and the first few days of the start of the week are reconfiguration exercises in doing life.

during the pandemic, i literally felt like days compressed into one, weeks became days, and everyday was friday, weekends lost their meaning, most days did, i’d see morning and a glance of an afternoon, looking out again at night, stuck it seemed on the same day.

it got to the point that in some ways i feel the last two years (like for many) are a total blur, i wrote them off early, knowing that things would not change drastically until they had some kind of vaccine and were opening up transportation again — i don’t think i’ll ever forget those photos of wooden coffees in new york stacking up and just the general dread.

to live through a pandemic, to understand the ramifications of something so massive, that spread so fast globally, it showed how interconnected the world was, where resources came from, where the weaknesses happened, how we had to re-establish ourselves in our lives again instead of just coasting on by. It was a wake up call.

and even thou in some ways we are coming out of it, amidst other varients appearing, the focus is now thankfully also back onto everything regarding climate change. Just this week alone my partner was at the fore front of very destructive weather systems, soon it’s gonna be all of us. whatever side of the fence you sit, you might not have a fence to sit on soon.

i’ve very thankful still to this day of all the support, love, work and family doing this time (after) the pandemic, being able to get out, go to usual haunts, get food easily, i don’t take any of it for granted i’ve certainly become more respectful of time. I realise while it may seem infinite, we don’t get to express or experience it in this form, no matter what we leave behind.

now that’s all out of the way and off my system, it’s back to flat white #2 maybe a little swing in the hammock to see if i get a little nappy nap (yes, i can sleep after flat whites, weird huh) then a few logistics to do this afternoon and i’m hoping some movie time with my loved one and a few beers to boot.

not been feeling much computer stuff recently. i’ve got a few projects i want to get under my belt and done, out there in the world but i’ve just not found the time and energy to put in the sprints to get it done. i know it will come but i’m not trying to shoehorn it in anymore, just letting it flow instead, it will get done when it get’s done right?

I’m guessing over the weekend we will start to ramp things up a little bit, after i’ve cleared a few chores around here today and in the morning i’ll be relatively free to get back into computer time, the weather shift is helping too, when it’s too hot i don’t wanna be inside without AC!

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