Day 24/30 - A Secret Key to Hitting Goals: Accountability

George Siosi Samuels

2 months ago by georgesiosi

Had a chat with one of our Honā members recently, and he spoke about how accountability is an element that isn’t often obvious in completing goals or commitments with others. Especially as an entrepreneur, since it can often feel like a lonely journey.
Motivation to complete goals wanes for various reasons:

  1. You don’t feel the pressure of a deadline
  2. You aren’t really clear on what you need to do to get results
  3. You may not even know what you want or there could be so many things you want to accomplish that you don’t know where to start.

A big key to finishing the things we say we want is by holding ourselves accountable, which can be done through personal willpower or external accountability.

If personal will-power is lacking, you can then lean on others to assist. But, ultimately, that should only serve in building up your own personal willpower.

We’ve developed a way to help you be more accountable by leveraging transparency, small groups, financial incentives, and blockchain technology.

If you’re someone who’s already personally motivated, you may not need our tool, but you can use it to keep track of your staying power and build verifiable proof of such.

For entrepreneurs who are looking to get their goals over the finish line, Honā is a great way to get you there — and we’d love for you to help us make it even better for you and others.