Day 23/30 - Accountability Stacking

George Siosi Samuels

2 months ago by georgesiosi

While working on Honā today, I discovered that there was a very particular way we “stack” requests for users when they first create a commitment in our app. And that as they stack these elements, they actually improve their chances of success in achieving goals.

Here are the elements we stack as users create commitments (the word we use to describe goals or habits) in-app:


Public proof
Blockchain proof
Accountability buddy

Financial stake

Each of the above items are simply a way for someone to increase their “skin in the game.” A lot of the time, when we write down goals or tasks, we don’t often attach enough of the above to cement it into getting done. 

I remember someone telling me a story, “If your mother were to die tomorrow, and you had to find $1M to save her, would you find a way to get it?” Most would answer yes, absolutely. 

In this story, it’s the deadline (urgency) + emotional attachment (feelings) that moves one into action.

So with most people’s goals, you’ll often see a lack of these basic elements. As a result, they have to start asking themselves, “Why do I want the thing I say I want?” And as they start answering that question, they may then stumble upon another potential question, “Who do I actually want to become in all this?” 

This is equally as important, because it connects with goals that are a bit more long-term, and aren’t as dire as the aforementioned story. 

Since I could not find anyone who has used this term before - at least in the way we are - I decided to stamp it on the blockchain for future-proofing. 

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