Day 22/30 - Emerging From The Cave

George Siosi Samuels

2 months ago by georgesiosi

The following is a post I published on Facebook recently - a rather dormant network relegated to family, friends, and old business acquaintances:

Wondering what I’ve been up to over the last year and a bit?

Well, you’re not alone.

As a result, I’m going to be releasing more public updates about EXACTLY I’ve been doing behind the scenes.

And I’ll be using our new platform to do so.

Apart from the work my team and I have been doing with the Tuvalu government over at Faiā, I’ve also been silently working away on another company and platform called Honā.

Whereas Faiā has evolved to focus more on building more productive communities (for enterprise and government), Honā is focused on building more ACCOUNTABLE communities.


By turning accountability from a virtue of “punishment” to “reward,” one commitment at a time.

It combines my love for #culture, #community, and #blockchain.

Below is one of our weekly Changelog updates, but I’ll soon be publishing links that use the Honā platform to track how well I’m showing up for my own commitments, deadline pace, momentum, and more.

To see some of the results we’re already providing members and partners, just read below.

Click here

PS. If you’re interested in a private tour, just comment below!