Day 21/30 - Cascading Effects

George Siosi Samuels

2 months ago by georgesiosi

So there’s been a lot of “eruptions” today after last night’s full moon turnover.

Here are just some of the things that occurred:

  1. Melbourne tradies erupted after their Union reps and bosses turned on one another. All a result of the mandate for tradies to get the jab or risk losing their jobs. Melbourne holds the record for longest lockdowns in the world.

  1. Mexican boxer Canelo lost his cool with an upcoming opponent at a weigh-in. Usually Canelo is quite calm and composed, but this time he lost his cool quite easily. Tensions were high.

  1. Melbourne (yet again) experienced a 6.0 magnitude earthquake. Now although this might be mild for others who are used to earthquakes, Melbourne has not experienced anything like it since 1989. I was actually on the phone with my family as it happened.

A part of me feels like all this volcanic activity happening around the world is feeding off of our own energies, and vice versa. Mother Nature often reflects what we do to Her, and we certainly haven’t respected her as well as we could have. There are of course a lot of practical explanations for why this is (e.g. natural cycles, etc.). However, it doesn’t take away from the fact that we know we could be doing better.

In a National Geographic article, scientists say that current volcanic activity may be sparking decades of increased volcanic activity.

But if you study volcanoes, after they erupt, they also replenish the land around them. Perhaps we really are entering a New Age!