George Siosi Samuels

2 months ago by georgesiosi

A good pitch deck doesn’t guarantee that anything forecasted in it is likely to succeed.

More often than not, startups fail to realize any of what is put in to such decks. Much like a resume.

So why is there so much emphasis put on it?

I was reading an article recently about a company backed by Draper Associates called Fairmint (see here).

I really love what they’re trying to do in terms of making the overall process easier for both founders and investors.

They’ve created something called a Rolling SAFE, which essentially turns these fundraising “rounds” into an ongoing thing that allows anyone to get in early.

As time goes on, the “price” of the Rolling SAFE token is influenced by who gets in and when. This means you do not need to try and pitch for rounds, you simply reward early believers in your vision, and enable anyone to be able to “invest.”

There are some nuances to this Rolling SAFE agreement that I’ve reached out to Fairmint about (in terms of legal boundaries, so it’s not just another ICO scenario in disguise), but it’s a step in the right direction for something I’m experiencing myself while fundraising for company #2, Honā.

As the entrepreneur saying goes, “There’s got to be a better way.”