Introducing Jamify

Frames Jenco

9 months ago by framesjenco

Today, Jamify goes from being a pile of files on my laptop to one of the best demonstrations yet of what can happen when you combine open architecture of RelayX and RunOnBitcoin with music and NFTs.

The platform is dead simple for now but I wanted to share some of the key ideas at play here. Please keep in mind, this is an MVP (minimum viable product).

The Power of Open Standards
This site was built in only a few short days over the holidays, and drops today to close out 2021. This was only possible because the complexity of indexing tokens tacking the blockchain functionality was already done by RelayX who provided a public API and wallet library.

If you think you can build a better Jamify than me, go for it! This is not about becoming an billion dollar platform. It’s about having a nice looking place to find music on the Bitcoin, and listen to your collection of audio NFT purchases while allowing Artists a great alternative for finding fans and support.

Bitcoin First
The site contains no analytics or tracking of any kind. An email address or account with Jamify is not required to use the site at all either. This is what a Bitcoin app can, and usually should feel like imho. As development continues you can expect this standard to be upheld.

Features: Why do some things not work yet?
I did the best I could in the last few days. The features section outlines some of the most obvious additions that should be made. If you have other ideas, feel free to reach out @framesjenco.

What is Library vs Likes Songs
Library may be renamed to “Collection” or “Vault” when the Liked Songs feature is completed, and liked songs will show in your library. Liking songs will likely be a micropayment that goes directly to the artist.

Why is the catalog so small?
There aren’t THAT many music NFTs on relay market yet but it’s changing FAST. I’m certainly missing some of them so if you know of music that should be listed, reach out to me on twitter @framesjenco. If you want to make my life easier please provide Album, Artist and track info as well as a 600x600 cover image for the album or single. Listing is a somewhat manual process for now, but this will improve over time. Even though there are not many tracks listed on the home page, you can still listen to any music that is in your library. To add songs, purchase them on the RelayX market and it will show up on Jamify.

The Future
I plan to issue a $JAM token on RelayX soon which will be air dropped to RelayX users, especially music NFT holders so get them now! More details about how JAM will work and how it will be distributed to follow.

I believe NFTs provide amazing new tools for artists to connect with their audience. They can be treated like keys to grant access to discounts, exclusive content, revenue share and more! Exciting times are ahead and this is only the beginning. Thank you all so much for being a part of this with me.

In the next few days I will be releasing a new track called “Free Ride” featuring MC Mandeep so be sure to watch out for that out as well!

Sounds good, when can I check it out?
Right meow.
Please follow @jamifybitcoin on twitter too :)