Who are Shibuyas (Boo yah)?


4 months ago by dyoshi

Who are Shibuyas (Boo yah)?

Shibuyas (Boo yah) Miners are super rare 39 pixel nfts generated solely in the bsvblockchain and available on relayxio.
They will have many benefits, going far beyond what is understood as just nft jpgs. Rumour has it in the dogpark that these Shibuyas have a lot of buried treasure!

As I had been saying in previous posts, each BitDog product will be integrated into the ecosystem, and my excitement for this release is that each buyer will have the unprecedented ability to mine a cryptocurrency (BitDog) through an nft, perhaps this will be a benchmark for other currencies.

Those wishing to purchase one or more shibuyas have many things to consider, such as:

  • Artistic rarity : each shibuya has its own specific rarity, as I always like to say, in art rarity is in the eye of the beholder.

  • Cost: each shibuya will have a fixed price of 1 bsv, I can assure you that certainly each owner will be rewarded, much more than that, with countless benefits during this walk!

  • Airdrops/Treasures: Each shibuya has different abilities and may find different kinds of buried treasures, but every pack also receives an item when this happens. There will also be collective airdrops for everyone!

  • Burn and Dogcofre: Each shibuya sold will burn an amount of Bitdog coins and pay a sales fee to the dogcofre. (I will talk about this later “dogdao”). Owners of shibuyas are also eligible to receive percentages of nfts sold under the BitDog name.

  • Mint Shibuyas: why so few Shibuyas? Rarity! Easy answer, each shibuya is handmade with the participation of great artists, in the future you will be able to tame (order) new shibuyas with your own characteristics or theme you choose, but they will not have the characteristics of the original v1, they will be artworks, but still very valuable, to be able to do that you will have to pay a fee in BitDog and you will have to use an exclusive item (leash) that only the owners of the original shibuyas can sell you if they want to of course!

Many other things will be properly added to the shibuyas in due time, soon I intend to create a social club and to be part of it you will have to get an original shibuya or one created with the leash and BitDog!