RUFF/Gomnkeez, what does that mean? 🐶🦍


2 months ago by dyoshi

Hello friends…

“#RUFF/@Gomnkeez, what does that mean?🐶🦍

1\ Well, in my opinion, prioritizing communication and transparency is key to success!

2\ First I want to explain that #RUFF is a side project and is not necessarily linked to me, even though I may be the mentor of this at this early stage. Another important point is that anyone can join it, it was always the idea.

3\ The @Gomnkeez project is not just about me, I have a commitment to quality and disclosure, this was signed publicly with ruff. It is a @Bitdogtoken burning contract for my “services”.

4\ In defense, I advise you the importance of doing your own research on all projects you are going to invest in, it is something we do at #RUFF when something is presented as a project and idea.

5\ I can guarantee that this project is amazing and there is no plagiarism, copying or any other accusation that you may have believed.

6\ The #RUFF seal guarantees this, it is a standard to protect the Ecosystem from any malicious projects and investors.

7\ This kind of supervision on the project is crucial to achieve 100% transparency and clear communication, especially for investors, it is a #RUFF duty to protect the #DOG Ecosystem and its investors by sniffing and verifying or invalidating the information and projects.

8\ That said, once the project is launched and sold I have a moral commitment to help it become something big and prosperous.
If users need anything, such as assistance related to this project, I will always be available!

9\ The project will take its own narrative as an independent and legitimate project and the thing that I must do is support them and help them prosper and carry the #RUFF name forward!

10\ This brings us to a very important point: this defense and positioning does not seek to harm or invalidate other projects, however, if there is need I will not hesitate to defend our brand and products at any cost!

11\ That’s why I did this post, for those who are not informed about #RUFF and think I’m just creating a false narrative of random series and playing them in the open market (as I’ve been accused).

12\ So I hope this will allow you to make a more informed decision regarding your investments.

13\ Basically, you are the only one who can make decisions related to your investments, always research and see if the accusations or promises are really grounded!

14\ Let that be clear, my work in GA does not interfere or diminish, or even my volunteer work in @Bitdogtoken that is very alive and #RUFF is an important and fundamental sign of this!

15\ I would like to thank each and every one of the people who believe in my work!

I am here! Dyoshi🐶
Dyoshi DOGamoto…

*16\ I can provide some information about this project that I have been following since its inception.

*17\ There is an amazing schedule of products, I suggest you stay tuned on their twitter @Gomnkeez to know everything, besides the talented artists behind it, like WDL who already had a brief participation in one of the GIANT projects.🦍🍌