5 months ago by dyoshi

I am EXTREMELY happy to announce that our project and art movement RUFF is starting!

RUFF - BitDog Vision Artistic Movement.

What is RUFF?
RUFF allows us to officially open a platform to encourage an artistic movement within BitDog. All my NFTs will now be tagged with the RUFF - BitDog Vision Artistic Movement label, which ensures the quality and originality of the project and automatically burn BitDog in percentage of sales as I had announced before.

Basically an NFT projects agency. We will start initially with our shiny new project “Turtle Verse”, soon other projects can join if they wish and enjoy a structure for their project, like tips, promotion and help in general. Members will also have the possibility to buy my personal artistic services with BitDog.

To join initially we will require a certain amount of BitDog that this project or person holds, not yet defined an exact value to join (SHIBUYAS ACCEPTED). We will also analyze your idea and project, ensuring quality and originality.
This can also help with the huge problem of counterfeiting that unfortunately exists nowadays, and finally a BitDog burning bond will be created after the project is launched.
Many replies will come after our own initial release of the “turtle verse” and success of it if that happens.

This will help BitDog grow and reach its full potential as an ecosystem, the idea is to bring together the best artists, enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, musicians etc. And make BitDog also work within this promising network of NFTs that is starting in the BSV.