It is time to empower the holders, manifest a future and a decentralized pack together !


2 months ago by dyoshi

Today we have the bitdog fork complete and now it will grow, survive and develop!

It is time to empower the holders, manifest a future and a decentralized pack together !

The keys are burned !!! WOOOF!

So today we can finally say, BitDog is 100% decentralized and there is not even one person controlling this token, it´s free. We know that this fork is in line with our principles, and we know that THIS MOMENT offers an incredible investment opportunity. (not financial advice)

The BitDog fork will enable the next level for our decentralized projects, in which community initiatives will be free for everyone to create what they want, when they want and how they want using our brand, payment methods, technology, etc.
A future of work and prosperity, artistic creation, financial independence and decentralized growth. This is the philosophy from the first day BitDog was created.

Decentralization means equality, giving everyone the same chance to create, realize dreams and goals.

Well, some things I can say is that I will be working with BitDog, these are some pillars that I already mentioned in another post like:

  • Decentralization.
    Long-term massive continuous burns.
    Increase in holders using the token (use case).
    Increased brand recognition.
    RUFF NFT (art movement): We will generate and maintain large bitdog burns, we will have to generate and maintain large projects that agree to burn bitdog in large numbers.
    Mtv, ps, fc are some of them and are among the most successful nft projects in bsv.

  • Some things I can add, is that we will be working on a Woofpaper, if you want to help with that, just send me a dm. I am also thinking of creating a simple site, we don’t need more than that, already helps us, but I think a site will give more credibility and security to the people that are coming and will still come.
    I have some ideas, one of them is to build it on top of the bsvblockchain itself, but I will leave that for another post.
    We have acquired the domain, that represents our name and our ticker, I think it´s perfect. Something cool that I plan is that all projects that aggregate on ruff can build their own site on top of the .dog.

  • About the Turtle Metaverse, I am particularly working and talking with people to try to dissolve the “Green Alliance” game and if this becomes a reality in the future, I hope so, bitdog will be the native token and will feed all monetary resources of it, among other things, the idea is a pvp game, common rpg but we are still studying this.

  • Bitdog for tips and payments here I think needs no comment and presentation. Our own fork today already gives us a good perspective of what bitdog is able to do. 21b tokens were sent to the 4 corners of the world in seconds for a few cents. What other token today can do that?

  • We will also be working on listing BitDog in more places and giving everyone more options.

  • Products, shirts and stickers. (looking for partners)

-The DOG ticker was chosen and we find it most appropriate for several reasons, the BTD ticker will be used for other bitdog products.

-Sales of NFTs from partners and personal with BitDog, in the future a collection of NFT BitDog should happen with a sale made with BitDog itself. I will talk more about this soon.

So I think I can answer everyone’s question.
What’s next?
The answer is: The best meme token for tips and payments in all of crypto-space, patent-free, with innovative technologies, games, investment opportunities and art-based NFT projects, all being built for and around Bitdog.

And of course, all of this is only possible because we are on the bsvblockchain!

I want to emphasize that all this is just initiatives and I am just a contributor to this project, just like you. If you want to help in anything, feel free to send me a dm, now if you want to create fud, you will be exiled.

The ongoing development of the project will be by everyone here the key to increasing the value of our token, more than anything.
As long as you have a place for BitDog in your heart, we will always be bonded together as a pack! Dyoshi

Always fight FUD with Work.WOOOF!