For MTV (GA) holders:


1 month ago by dyoshi

For MTV (GA) holders:

The MTV is one of the most successful NFT projects in the bsv and everyone already knows that, so it’s also our building block. I always want to be innovating and creating additional value for this project and its holders, we have achieved what incredibly few projects manage, which is to maintain value and liquidity.

The mint price almost has always been maintained and we have always had many negotiations with sales exceeding 600usd for each of these beloved turtles. You can see all this by looking at relayx data.

So many things are on the horizon but let’s take it one step at a time, as a good friend taught me.

I have been thinking and also listening to some mtv holders and I came to the conclusion that it’ s not a good idea to create another category of turtles at the moment, i.e. the “mutants”, that being said, we will soon create a rare series called “honors” turtles for the members who have excelled the most in this project so far.

But I have good news, I came to know that these turtles with their mtvlabs, are working on something amazing and the form of airdrop will be the same. For MTV holders who have 1 v2 and 2 v1 in their portfolios, this will also be the math, always applied in future airdrops.

This will create a new range of possibilities and market, it will add much more value to our beloved turtles, and the continuous development of the project will be the key to increase the value of our project, more than anything.

We will also update and intensify our donations with our partner “”, perhaps we are already one of the few and largest projects that have really kept their word and are constantly delivering donations and helping to save many baby turtles around the world.

So remember, every time you trade a turtle, you are saving some turtle, our project lives and throbs, we will show that an nft project can be much more fundamental than you think and add much value to the world, together with our community: PROSPERING, BUILDING and GROWING.

This is aligned with our established art movement on BitDog and certainly Satoshi’s vision, where bitdog and all of our projects have been created and forged in steel!

We will always need more supporters, builders artists and creators. No idea will go unnoticed as this one has not!

We are here to collectively build together!

As long as you have a place for mtv in your heart, we will always be united.