BitDog & Shibuyas Phase 2!


6 months ago by dyoshi

Greetings and Happy Holidays DogPark! So many things are on the horizon for phase 2!

First thing I want to say is thank you to the entire pack for all the support and help I have received, the words of motivation, messages, criticism and compliments. Over the course of 2 weeks, every day we are increasing our number of Holders and I feel that every day brings a sense of accomplishment, decentralization and equality.

We are working on many aspects of the Shibuyas and the Bitdog ecosystem, including Art, Utility, Usage, Mining, partnerships, and talking to some giant companies (I will reveal this later).
It will become evident in the near future, and these elements when combined with the BSVBlockchain will ensure success unmatched by any existing dog&coin token.

_Fair launch, value and investment:

When I “created” BitDog I was true to Satoshi’s VISION, where BitCoin would serve to provide opportunity for all and so I believe BitDog can do the same. It would need to be exactly a token that would provide a joyful ecosystem that would give opportunity to all and cater to the specific need of each investor or contributor. And the main point (decentralization = equality) where everyone has an equal chance to realize dreams and goals!

BitDog since its inception has adopted a fair and thriving community-driven release model. That means no pre-sales, no tokens assigned to “team” members, no tokens for CEO or anything like that, no other personal interests. Here, you can check all transparency yourself daily in realyxio, “in my personal wallet and in the bitdog wallet”. No token has been put on the market since bitdog exists, I have mentioned about that in other posts, so at this point you can be sure that this token is safe to invest in and a ‘HODL’ can be valid.

There is noone in control with too many coins, another point is that on December 20th, 2021 we will have 95% of all BitDog supply decentralized. This is a landmark and a huge satisfaction for me, besides being a security for everyone, today we can finally rest our hearts, knowing that this distribution is aligned with our principles since its first day of existence.

However, the continued development of the BitDog project and ecosystem will be the key to increasing the value of our token, more than anything, and given the low price BitDog offers, it is an incredible investment opportunity for both experienced dogs and puppies. And if all the principles here are applied, I’m sure we’ll soon be howling at the top of the mountain to the moon! (this is not financial advice, never invest more than you can afford to lose)!

Innovative technology, scalable Blockchain, investment opportunities, passive income and an art based platform, all being built by and around BitDog, this makes us a decentralized pack of builders and creators with room for everyone for new projects and ideas. Here we are all equal, everyone has equal value even the one who holds 1 BitDog he should be respected and always listened to, no idea should be ignored or go unnoticed! We are here to build together!

_Burn! Our token should be deflationary by default! To motivate an ever growing price floor!

We will burn BitDog and this will certainly help BitDog to grow!

First we will start by burning a percentage of the shibuyas sold on December 20th, 2021 giving an initial impact on the in the BitDog wallet but around next year you will see burns on coins that are in circulation as I said before and there the system starts to work.

From my part as a contributor, I will burn BitDog on the nfts sold under the BitDog name. The shibuyas cooperated strongly in this movement and the new shibuyas to be created will have to be paid in BitDog and Leash. The BitDogs collected from the sales of the Shibuyas will automatically go to the incinerator!

If the interest in Shibuyas increases we will have a radically deflated token and if more people join the movement and simply start burning at least 1 BitDog a day in a dead wallet we will point to, that will be huge!

_Shibuyas and Mining.

Today all 39 lovely Shibuyas have found an owner, so what does that mean? And why can I say that Shibuyas are the backbone of the whole BitDog ecosystem?

There is excitement behind this NFT that I am sure has innovated everything that anyone in the crypto/nft space could have imagined, and I’m very excited to introduce them to you and show you everything they are capable of doing next week.

Now it’s time to clarify the topic of coin distribution and hash power of each shibuyas. At this point, it is clear that a proportional distribution must be made and perfect mathematics must be applied, Japanese BitDog contributor Alex is taking care of this. We have a ready-made distribution model of each shibuya, which is being carefully analyzed and now designed by Alex to EQUALLY distribute these coins and the total hash power of each shibuya! Everyone will receive the same. Equality and prosperity at its best.

A bot will make the payments every Monday and you will automatically receive them in your relayxio wallet!

I will explain in detail on monday.

Shibuyas will soon be ordered and some ideas offered to everyone - remember you can only get them by paying a fee at BitDog and using the Leash.

_Some thanks:

I could not fail to mention and thank all the BitDog contributors but especially to these two guys Alex and Geir who had the complete vision and are applying the principles of this movement and we can already feel the impact!

The numbers speak for themselves! The more people who apply the vision, the more the pack wins, generating a win-win circle for everyone, as our friend Jimmy always says!

This is huge and motivating in my opinion.

Wow, so BitDog VISION is a good start so far! Sorry for this long text, when I start writing about all the possibilities this ecosystem can give us I really forget the amount of lines.