BitDog - New Hardfork the transparency!


2 months ago by dyoshi

New Hardfork the transparency:

1\ To fulfill the true path of decentralization it takes honesty, hard work and many adjustments.

To protect the Ecosystem will require further hardfork and I will explain to you why.
Although the blockchain information is public, we need to make sure that there is not really a figure behind the token issue or owner of the token with his account password, keys and so on.

So what we will do is burn the wallet keys and passwords from the new fork, i.e. it will be issued, distributed, and then the wallet key and password will be burned, something similar to what we did with bitdogburnwallet.

Our experience is unique because we set out to be 100% decentralized within the only immutable blockchain that scales and that is really decentralized, i.e., the protocol is immutable and
can really bring transparency and some meaning to this scenario, so bitdog will be equally immutable from now on and 100% decentralized and will no longer be in the control of any one person.

It is important to understand the context of decentralization here, i.e. Bitdog is for everyone and from everyone!

2\ Logo´s change: yes, bitdog will have another logo! And this is another point that makes us follow the path of hardfork, I can guarantee that it will be something huge and will add a lot of value to our token. I can’t wait to share everything with you but I’m still taking care of the bureaucratic stuff.
I will make an exclusive post about it as soon as everything is ready and I also cannot fail to mention gts, our great Japanese partner, who helped with the negotiations with the company responsible for the logo!

3\ pillars of growth:

  • Decentralization.
  • Long-term massive ongoing burns.
  • Increase in holders using the token (use case).
  • Increase in brand name acknowledgement.
  • RUFF NFT (art movement): We will generate and maintain large bitdog burns, we will have to generate and maintain large projects that agree to burn bitdog in large quantities.
    mtv, ps, fc are some of them and are among the most successful nft projects in the bsv.

$DOG or $BTD? About our ticker, it´s not 100% decided yet, I believe it was not really clear about which ticker we should keep and now without more changes as we said above.

So that’s it my dear friends, a brief update, these are some points which I wanted to clarify, they are all aligned and will work together to throw value to our beloved bitdog woofwoof!
I believe I will bring dates and more information in a few days!