April 21, 2022


2 months ago by dyoshi

First of all I want to say that BitDog was not created to just sit there and be stagnant!

This is why I think forking is so important. It is BitDog’s way of evolving, and on April 21, 2022 we are about to witness the next evolution of the project.

For the BitDog fork leaves its last centralized feature behind and will now forge its own path under a decentralized
that is, after the completed fork we distribute tokens and throw away the keys and then BitDog becomes 100% decentralized and immutable.
Under a new and fanatical logo it will grow, survive and develop and so we move together to build a truly decentralized community.

Everyone should have an equal chance to own and control their own BitDog, there is not even any team token or reserved for me or anyone else.
Everyone had and has to buy on the open market, that means I have no more ownership rights than you or anyone else.
ownership than you or any other owner who owns Bitdog. This allows a fair distribution and market on relayx and also makes transparent that neither I nor any of the “developers or contributors” have “team” tokens that they can dump into the community, you can check it out yourself in the owners list.

I also advise everyone to remove their orders to properly receive the post fork airdrop!

WoofWoof the BitDog will continue to progress and expand!

Having fun and loving it!