All hail the new BitDog logo!


2 months ago by dyoshi

All hail the new BitDog logo!
Ladies and gentlemen, I am pleased to announce that the amazing Aiste has styled our new logo.
Aiste is an amazing person to work with and a phenomenal, creative artist along with her logo company ““ which has as Clients: Google, Disney, Daimler, EY, so I’m really excited to share that she could work on this logo.

Art is a mainstay of our project and to have an amazing, mainstream artist with her hand in our logo, wow.
This is huge in my humble opinion!

This logo has fascinated me ever since I saw it, some time ago. wow
And for a long time I had been negotiating with Aiste about acquiring it and redesigning it with the features of our token. I am really happy that Bitdog managed to do that, he is its legal owner now, and I also couldn’t stop thanking Alex GTS for his amazing help in the negotiations , advice and motivations!!!

A curiosity about this logo/project is that even the giant Shiba Inu probed it in the beginning. :0

This is a great fit for us because, as do I, many in the cryptocurrency world respect and use a good logo of their currency!

And there is no better phrase to translate the vibe that surrounds this bitdog logo and BSV itself right now than by Aiste herself:
Cute shiba inu (aka DOGE) puppy icon for BitDog.

“Creativity is intelligence having fun.”
Albert Einstein