Valuable Questions and Answers - Day 29 of the 30 day blog challenge

Don Frederiksen

2 months ago by donfre

I wouldnt mind buying a new Apple Premium product for 20 % below best market price

If I could switch with a current Mac user that would like to upgrade to the newest best Mac book of 2021. I would offer the same deal here. Find me the best new seller that can ship to both addesses included in the price.

$ 25
$ 10
$ 5

I will sponsor these bitcoins for 1st, 2nd and 3rd most voted solution within 48 hours. So please ask around. They should arrange with the pickup of 2015 and check with F-Secure for security issues with that Mac.

I would want the best Mac to be able to run Windows 10 and Catalina eller whatever system runs in most business environments.

I would further sponsor a question about which best Linux version would be worth to run in parallel with the others. I would look at @parallelsupport

I want this presentation in Swedish and can you make it more nice looking och simpler (infographic friendly). So this english content in this presation of 22 slides into eiter Swedish, Danish, Norwegian or Finnish.

I will add $ 10 to anyone doing a transcript of the presentation of the 3.

I will try this setup on Twitter with a Scandination account where value can be given by Swedish and Danish versions of this presentation.

I will further run a Bitcoin blockchain campaign to get a baseline of a question. So I will tweet this towards an influence to see if it is of any interest.

Would you poll your followers the following question?

Have you been vaccinated?

I will give away $ 25 to you or any of your followers and additional $ 10 for the one with most interactions (you can copy poll and run 48 hours) and additional $ 5 for the overall most liked post.

I can post $ 40 in your public wallet. that you hold until poll ends in 48 hours.

I will send out the above and measure exposure per $ 100

I will follow up with a much more measured way of asking the question to get as much contributable value our of the combined datasets in to a datapoint. On the public blockchain.