The shot heard around the world - Day 28 of the 30 day blog challenge

Don Frederiksen

2 months ago by donfre

The Covid shot is definitely heard around the world.

No matter your thoughts on 17, it sure raised a lot of questions that slowly, but surely got answered under the last 3 years and keeps evolving.

Corruption, corruption and then some corruption.

The signal has always been clearest from the people that never sell you anything and doesn’t give a damn how you feel about the information given. Just giving facts that you can follow yourself.

I am one of the dumb dumbs that go with the gut and build from there. Usually the “unlikeable” people turn out to be the most trustworthy. Then again, time will tell.

I could be very wrong, wouldn’t be the first nor the last time, but I’ve seen the sacrifices many of those I follow made. The personal cost for their work to bring light in a dark world and it inspires.

We will prevail.