Sickness is a bitch

Don Frederiksen

12 days ago by donfre

Been off from writing the daily blog post. Despite Isaac’s post in the back of my head describing TK Colemans writings from his hospital bed, I just couldn’t get myself to sit down and try to focus on text. Been in a feverish state for 36 hours and only now do I feel ok sitting up and able to focus a bit. I am not a good sick, just want to sleep and can barely get myself to get entertained the hours of being awake. Wonder if I will be in mint condition for Monday. Really hope so.

I started watching the first day of the Coingeek, only seen clips etc. so far, and it makes me happy that I am allowed to take part of this so close. I am not involved in anything other than using Bitcoin and accumulating (burn rate higher than I want thou), but it is on my wish- and todo list. To set up a business exclusively on Bitcoin, the full process, from ideation to operation to execution, built on Bitcoin. I keep harping on Moneybutton, but it looks rather grim that it could currently be the starting point. Just don’t see any other application with the same feeling and system, a perfect way in, without too many hoops to jump through. I guess that is one of the reasons it is kept on a slow burner. is having a IoT hackathon next week. It just keeps grinding the back of my head that Balena mixed with BSV would be a powerful platform. My tech skills are close to non-existent to participate, just like it was in the second hackathon with BSV and I submitted something that was probably seen a very childish. Not a line of code. Just a vision.

I want templates. Paint by numbers. Easy setups.

Then again, that might be the issue. Maybe you need to do the tedious tasks 100 times and build your own way of working and enhance your process thinking. I might just be one of the kids that would eat the marshmallows before the observer even left the room.

My idea for the Balena project was to combine the BTC raspberry pi “miners” on the Balena platform with services that generate cash/bitcoin by gathering information of value in the system. For a few dollars you can extend your Pi to gather valuable local data, like temperatures, humidity, movement etc. That data could be sourced to WeatherSV and similar and could create value. Why not set up a simple extra miner for Gorilla.pool if that is even possible. Oh. Forgot my biggest wish. That the Pi could become a connection hub, like Fon, but you would join the network, offer VPN and WIFI and get nanopayments, maybe combine with Bitping.

Well, as you might have guessed, I have no idea what is technically possible and what is just moronic.

On a sidenote. This challenge has opened up reading some great content creators. I especially enjoy