Opening up for outsiders

Don Frederiksen

17 days ago by donfre

I have been where you are now or maybe not. You might be worse off or I might be. Whatever the situation, I know, any help is greatly appreciated.

If you want to get involved whisper @thefastc on twitter with your moneybutton iD for a token.

I want a token system that gives you access to different parts of my digital offering. And in return you get higher access tokens when they are combined for special access tokens. Combine 1/1000 subscribers with 1/10 best connectors and you will get uncalculable return in investment, That should be something I would want when 2 different and unrelatable dats points and data sets gets measured and analyzed for calculated outcome, negative or positive, built so you can follow along in the value chain of data and see your value go up the better Game B calculations of possible connecttions created. Just calculate an overall downstream 20 % profitmargin on previous months taxable income registered on the public ledger of Bitcoin.