Millionbøf - A Danish WWII dish

Don Frederiksen

1 month ago by donfre

Got nothing again so will post a recipe for todays dinner.

It is called Millionbøf.

2 onions
400-500 g minced beef
3 tbs of flour
300 ml water
Black peppar
Bouillon (use whatever - beef, vegetable, chicken)
2-3 Bayleafs
Clarified butter or oil for frying

Served with mashed potatoes and rice
(I add butter, muscat, black peppar)

Heat some butter or oil
Add the diced onion and let it fry until it starts to get browned
Add the minced meat and let it fry until there is no liquid
Mix in the flour and mix it until no clumps
Let it burn off a bit, until it gets stuck brown, but mix hard
Add the water and mix further
Add bayleafs and a lot of peppar (a lot)

Let it simmer for 30 mins

Serve with whatever you want.