Maybe better to just stay quiet

Don Frederiksen

11 days ago by donfre

The sickness has been draining and I am still far from being back to my usual self. Was gonna say mint condition, but not sure I have been that for years.

I ooze negativity when I am sick. Trying to pep myself that I feel a bit better than yesterday and much better than the day before, but the pep falls flat. Think I engage in to much negative shit, addicted to knowing that we will get out of this situation, finding ways to better cope with what is and what will come. Really impressed and slightly envious of the folks that can just keep grinding, ignoring the noise and stay on task. Alex from Handcash is one of the more involved in following current events and yet running his growing business. Kudos.

Going to bed early in the hope tomorrows work can be endured.