A good day to start - Day 30 of the 30 day blog challenge

Don Frederiksen

21 days ago by donfre

I registered a Delaware LLC. earlier this year. For some strange reason, I was steered away from my original plan of setting up a digital legal entity in Estonia to have access to the EU market. I have however changed my way of thinking due to the security in fair trade based on a protocol set in stone. I would rather build something in a country that guarantees me and any assets I can accumulate certain inalienable rights. No other country in the world can come close to such an offering. Backed by the constitution and the ruling from the supreme court in many key areas.

I would have no issue trading my digital time with digital tokens to the benefit of improving the lives of other citizens under the same constitution. My trade would generate taxable opportunities originating in which ever jurisdiction that gives highest level of security and transparency. Only under the American constitution will it make sense to build assets with the aim to earn an opportunity to become a citizen.

I would have every self-employed adhere to the same foundational structure held in place by the constitution. You are your own person and will be personally liable for any actions of negative or positive consequences.

I am running on fumes, both financially and mentally. I am so nervous about the near future and how we will have to carry heavy burdens from so many. If we are seeing the signals so clear and others don’t, if we know that they are plain evil and have the legal authority to carry out mass murder on their own citizens, then we are all truly on our own and have enemy combatants amongst ourselves. They have succeeded in brainwashing people to the degree that they will go against yours and their own best interest and should be considered potentially dangerous to themselves and others. Anyone who deviates from the clearest interpretation of the law following the constitution should be considered an enemy combatant.

I will act as a payment provider where I will keep $ 100 on hand in local and as many foreign currencies legally allowed in your legal jurisdiction. I will create value tokens that will be interchangeable with 1 token and $ 100 worth of cash.

I want to piggyback on solutions that can add value to moving the project forward at $ 5 - 250 increments with a base token fungible of 100 units value at $ 50 each in the first tier.
I want a good workstation that can interact with different systems
I want a passive income stream based on blockchain, javascript, Balena IoT and Raspberry Pi devices
I want a contract that I can use for stakeholder agreements that can be run in Balena instances on scrypt templates

How will I start this?

I have minted 100 tokens in thefastcompany@moneybutton.com and I will sell off 10 tokens to the first tier for $ 50 per token.

I will do the same in Relayx. Same on Relayx. Selling of 10 tokens at $ 50 per token.

I will make the first slide for the tomorrow blog post.

This has been a very interesting and challenging competition and I will keep it up.