22nd Century Case For Uranium

Elon Moist

3 months ago by coinyeezy

I am proposing an international monetary standard to replace gold, fiat, and bitcoin. The Uranium Standard. Atomic fission can convert uranium directly into energy (the ability do work) thus Uranium is a far more logical basis of economic value than gold, fiat or bitcoin.

Under The Uranium Standard, atomic energy could be the basis of our currency where value would be pegged to available energy and production. A true measure of modern wealth.

Though energy itself is the logical basis of value, the logical unit of measurement of said energy is the Satoshi. The units in which make up a Bitcoin. To be certain, such standard could only be ran on the BSV Bitcoin protocol as it has no restriction on throughput. Unbounded throughput is necessary to operate such a standard at great scale.

I will point out that uranium has a practical use in physical coinage.
Particularly its hardness and density and the ease in which the coins are easily cleaned. That said, uranium coinage is not necessary, as you can use paper or Satoshi units that are simply backed by uranium (as we did with gold).

Originally posted on Twetch.com, May 10, 2020