Sept 9/30: R U OK?


11 months ago by byfion

R U OK? Is an Australian suicide prevention NGO and 9 Sept is their day of action encouraging Aussies to connect with people in the community they may be concerned about.

I might just take this opportunity to do a little bit of self check-in instead. So, am I okay?

Honestly, I’ve been sleep deprived and overwhelmed by uni projects these couple days, and surprise, surprise, the stress stifles my creativity even more. It’s common knowledge that the best way to get out of this rut is to cut back and give yourself some relaxation time. But easier said than done, I struggle a lot with staying present, especially when my mind is racing all over the place.

While we’re here, let’s do a present moment check in and see if I can pull my wandering mind back… Highly recommend this if you don’t have a habit of checking in with yourself regularly, it really helps ground and align yourself… like getting out of the autopilot mode and regaining control of your headspace! Anyways, here are the questions:

  • What body sensations do I feel? (Tight shoulders? clenched fist/ jaw? Breathing pattern? Body temperature?)

  • What thoughts are going through my mind? (Say hello and acknowledge your thoughts, or maybe even greet them with names? I recently learnt to visualise my emotions and thoughts as characters and it’s such a game changer, it really helps with having conversations and being friends with them)

  • What are my action urges right now? (When I’m having racing thoughts, I often notice myself wanting to lean forward all the time as if it could help me rush into the future…)

And last but not least…

  • R U OK? :)