Tonglen meditation


10 days ago by astronomydork

I am a firm believer that there is no set-in stone way in which one MUST meditate. I feel as though there are many wonderful and constructive methods that enables meditation to become highly effective for the seeker. One particular method of meditation I enjoy is known as “tonglen”. This is the art of sending out positivity and warmth while also taking in negativity to develop equanimity in ourselves.

First, imagine yourself sitting in a cylinder of light. Take in a breath. Notice the sensation of light entering the violet-ray energy center at the crown of your head & down to the green-ray heart energy center. Exhale your breath with the same force in which the breath entered. Inhale again with light making its way to the heart. Then release via exhale. Take notice of your expansion with that light and embrace it. If you sense any resistance in the allowance of entry to the light, attempt to soften that resistance. As the resistance to the light softens & as it begins to fill you, turn your mind and your heart towards the visualization of someone out there that is suffering. It does not matter if it is a stranger in Nicaragua or an entity you interact with. Focus on the micro here, the individual. Not the macro or the whole of the Earth. With the next breath taken in allow the loving and light energy to move toward your heart. Next, breath out and direct your breath towards the individual you picture that is suffering. Breath in that love and light. Exhaling in the direction of the entity that is suffering. Inhale light and exhale towards the path where it is most needed. You are becoming an increasingly powerful channel of positivity. Allow this love/light to channel through you & allow the entity’s suffering to touch your heart with the hope, “You are suffering. May you find peace. May you find an end to your suffering. May you be healed.”. Take a moment and try it out and then we will proceed to the final step.

The heaviness in which the entity suffers is more noticeable. It is like a heavy black cloud. Your kind intentions are noticed; however, the darkness is so dense that it cannot be fully penetrated. Here is where we level up the meditation. Inhale light and love. Exhale, releasing your breath to the person that is suffering. This time, inhale that darkness that you see, letting that too run through your heart, but NOT holding it within you in any way whatsoever. Here you are a channel for the darkness to be released. Exhale the breath and release it to God/The Universe/The One Infinite Creator. Release it to ground of Being, which is much better equipped and able to handle that darkness than we are. This time inhale the love and the light and release it to the person you are attempting to aid. Inhale their pain and release it to the eternal. Inhale the light again and this time point it where it is needed. Inhale that suffering inside the visual you have imagined. Do you notice any resistance in letting it come into your heart and touch you? Soften that resistance and then let it go.

As this mediation is practiced allow it to bridge your connection with all. This is an important reminder that those on the positive path of polarity are also channels through which suffering may be let go of. This is one type of service we can provide for the brethren of our planet. One of the best ways to bring light to yourself is the hope, desire, and act of sharing it with others.