The tightrope of discipline...


16 days ago by astronomydork

How does one find balance while dieting? That can be a difficult question to answer in full due to the variety of methods and tactics available to the dieter. Much use of the will is utilized during the passing of days during the diet. Often the focus of this will is done with tunnel vision, with the finish line being the focus. However, if the goal of the diet is to balance the body complex, let us examine some ways to in aid in this endeavor.

Firstly, it is important to listen to your body & not ignore blatant signs requiring attention. For example, I’ve spent the past few days doing great with my “sardines & greens” diet. But I didn’t bring enough arugula to work today & when I was driving home this evening, I suddenly became super hungry. It didn’t help that I had just left the grocery store to pick up some items for the family. The initial goal had been to keep my fast going (I had stopped eating at around 4:30 PM today) until tomorrow morning and eat between 10 AM & 11 AM. Smelling & seeing all that food in the grocery store completely triggered me & I became immensely hungry in the car too. Instead of being hardcore & using my willpower to ignore the intense stomach growls I decided to balance my body complex & give it the fuel it was craving. I should have been smarter with what I did decide to eat, but the reality is that the fast food isn’t going to kill me. I had gone many days without a cheat day for food intake & listening to my body felt like the right decision.

I try to find ways to balance my thoughts and emotions. Often visualizing a circle & contemplating the antonym of the emotion I am feeling. While this is a blog for another day, this is also a part of spiritual work in consciousness. But our physical vehicle needs balancing too. Too much of one thing or another is a perfect way to find oneself out of balance & that also pertains to the denying of food cravings as well. Quality of life is something that shouldn’t be easily dismissed. Keep in mind, if you have been disciplined on a diet & suddenly your body is freaking out (more than once in a ten-minute period) , turn a compassionate gaze towards the person in the mirror that is extra hungry & refuel.