Saturday Nights Main Event


19 days ago by astronomydork

Keeping it topically light on this beautiful Summer evening in the Pacific Northwest. The focus is sport & the upcoming boxing spectacle between Vitor Belfort vs Evander “Real Deal” Holyfield. Why is it a spectacle you ask? Let us count the ways. First, the main event showcases MMA legend Vitor Belfort throwing hands against a 58 year old Evander Holyfield. “Real Deal” hasn’t fought since he KOed some jobber 11 years ago. I know Evander has been training & has been talking to Mike Tyson’s camp about a potential rematch. I know this IS Evander’s sport & he knows a bunch of tricks with the “Sweet Science” that Vitor doesn’t, but I just watched both hit pads & I think Vitor is going to be too fast for him at this stage. I know neither of them were trying their hardest, but Vitor isn’t getting drug tested anymore. He was previously taking TRT (Testisterone replacement therapy) due to a “medical need” & then was forced to stop taking it during his final run in the UFC. But what’s to stop him from taking it now? That’s an edge. Oh yeah, former President Trump will be a guest commentator for the fight. If Senior did his homework like I did, he will be commenting on a rough night for the “Real Deal”. Evander is super durable, but Vitor hits like a truck, he is a crafty vet too with his hands & should have a definite speed/youth/strength advantage.