Random gratitude...


12 days ago by astronomydork

Thankful for my Mom, for when I was 12 she insisted I sign-up for typing as an elective my freshman year in high school. Not a day has passed where I regret doing so. To this day I can type over 60 words per minute & the skill has helped in various forms since being acquired.

Thankful for the pets that have crossed paths with me during this incarnation. I’m a firm believer that the love and individualized attention we transmit to our pets helps in their evolution. By reenforcing an identity within the pet, by saying its name & cultivating its personality I believe helps initiate a spiritual spark within. We humans are mind/body/spirit complexes. Animals & some high-level vegetation such as trees are mind/body complexes. #Evolution

Thankful towards futureman19 for shining a light on a philosophical journey that began over 18 months ago. THE most incredible road I have ever embarked upon… #TheLawOfOne

Thankful to all those out there polarized towards service to others. Every little bit helps. Every smile manifested & every good vibe felt has meaning. The path to #Unity is real. You are appreciated & greatly needed friends.

Finally, love and gratitude even to negative entities. Especially those that wish to infringe upon the free will of this planet. All serve the creator & the opportunity these type of folks present to us centers upon how we respond & internalize the catalyst brought forth to us.