Power tends to corrupt?


22 days ago by astronomydork

U.S. newspapers should have never gotten into the business of endorsing political candidates. I understand the economics of doing so…when a large percentage a newspaper’s readership has traditionally & currently votes/polls on one side of the political spectrum, there is pressure to massage the news in a particular direction. That is a fundamental flaw in journalism. Much of this has to do with the broken advertising model in contemporary society. It’s interesting how a shift in the medium, from newspapers & TV to the Internet, never corrected the broken advertising & revenue models for press/media/journalists ect. An argument can be made that it is in fact worse.
Unbiased presentations of facts are the purest form of reporting. Where essential elements of the article data are not spun. Where the headline is not bastardized. I am sick of having to shield myself from manipulation while navigating an article. I’d rather focus on the data than have my bullshit radar go off because some HACK writer is trying to jedi mind-trick me while under the false pretense of being impartial. Thank you for allowing me to vent.
Stay vigilant my friends…