2 months ago by astronomydork

Went down a little rabbit hole today that focused on lost civilizations. Many of us have heard of Atlantis, but until recently I don’t recall ever hearing anything about Lemuria or Mu.

From what I have been able to gather, Lemuria consisted of a great continent in the Pacific Ocean. Apparently, all the islands in the Pacific are the mountaintops of this legendary land mass. The cities were allegedly built upon great prairies (lowlands) with huge mountains in every direction and the climate was quite tropical.

Lemuria/Mu was in its heyday about 50,000 years ago. Its demise is a tale a sadness & tyranny. A greedy few ruled over the masses with an iron fist. There were many thousands of slaves. So tormented were they in their existence that they wished to no longer occupy a physical vehicle. They began networking in secret and held hush-hush meetings. The praying of freedom through death consumed their thoughts day and night. If you have ever been to a sporting event with about 50,000 happy screaming people, you feel that energy. You have a glimpse of the energy that the mass-mind is capable of us. It’s harder to fathom the destructive power that would be released if millions of people simultaneously vented their sequestered negative emotional vibrations. Crippling earthquakes followed by unimaginable torrential downpours practically wiped Lemuria off the map overnight.

It’s tough to say what went down 50k years ago, but it’s not tough to see the power of Unity. I am a big believer in learning from the mistakes of our past. We are all human. We all know the times we find ourselves in. If we are put to the heel, remind your brethren of the power we have to impact change through unity. Polarity is a choice. It is THE great choice of our lifetimes…